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The 13 social media accounts you should follow on vaccines and ethical medical care

If ethical medical care makes your heart beat faster, you’ll love these social media accounts we’ve curated across Twitter and LinkedIn.

You don’t have to get stuck ‘doom-scrolling’ on your phone before bed. Considering that the average person spends 7 hours online a day, leading to increased anxiety, we know the importance of curating a space that adds value to your life. 

As ethical medical care activists ourselves, these are some of our favourite accounts that make our time spent on social media worth the data. Some of these are well-known, but others are less so, and all will give you something to think about.

The social media space with the busiest accounts is definitely Twitter, with most organisations present on there and discussing, debating and sharing, live, their thoughts on vaccine and healthcare as it changes, including a slew of experts with decades of experience behind them. As we saw during the time of the Covid-19 vaccine roll out, research and data can change a course of action quickly. Anyone with an interest in medical care will enjoy the following accounts.


This fast-paced platform is perfect for accounts sharing information about rolling healthcare changes in a research-heavy field.

Though there are MSF (Doctor’s Without Borders) accounts all over the world, we love this particular geographic account for its focus on African challenges. It will provoke you into thinking about a range of complex issues, introduce you to medical heroes, and highlight areas that need help.

Naturally, as the global leader on ethical health standards, WHO should be in your social media artillery.

An empathic vaccine advocate, Prof Duncan Steele is currently the Deputy Director of Enteric Vaccines at the Gates Foundation, but has roots in WHO and PATH and has been pivotal in the creation of the rotavirus vaccine. His feed shows a rich network of vaccine and ethical health specialists and is always interesting.

This organisation works to vaccinate children across the world and consistently tweets thought-provoking, fact-based information on diseases and vaccines.

The editor-in-chief of Bhekisisa, a specialist South African health publication (also worth following), Mia’s feed is peppered with insights and threads deep-diving into health issues and has a strong focus on solutions.

Claire works at MSF and is passionate about ethical medical care. She’s worked in communities dealing with various health outbreaks herself, such as Ebola and more recently, Covid, and shares her thoughts about vaccine patents and other concerns on her feed.

This account covers both health care and women empowerment – a real double zinger.


Healthcare is not for the amateur. LinkedIn groups, individuals and newsletters are a great way to make sure you’re professionally up to speed.

Technological innovations are transforming healthcare, and this newsletter shares how that’s happening, talking about, for instance, how AI impacts patient health and thought starters like, could patients draw their own blood at home?

As the President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, Dr Frieden has a substantial history in medical care, including a bout at the CDC. He writes about current trends, epidemics, and comments on public health.

The founder of Physician Side Gigs, Dr Mehta has over 60 000 followers on LinkedIn and talks about preventing doctor burnout and changing the culture of medicine.

She describes herself as “a human trying to make the world a better place for all” and she is certainly doing that through her work as the CEO of Vanguard Health. Follow her to discuss health care, digital health and diversity inclusion.

Doesn’t the name say it all! This group was designed, as they say in their bio, “…for constructive and stimulating discussion and sharing of pertinent, fresh content regarding advancing healthcare delivery models, patient engagement, medical treatment and research, health policy and reform, and health and productivity solutions for employers. The goal of the forum is to offer information which can lead change and conversations through knowledge sharing with key stakeholders.”

Join over 100 000 other people and follow Dr Profeta, an emergency physician with an enthralling feed, sharing insights from his community and more.

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