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Legal medical storage requirements in SA

Published by the Government Gazette Board notice 50 of 27 February 2015

Mapping requirements

Temperature distribution within the storage area must be mapped annually
Storage area must be fitted with a suitable number of sensors, WHO specification compliant, to measure in all areas identified by the mapping study

Calibration requirements

All temperature measuring devices must be calibrated annually against a certificated standard

Monitoring requirements

Temperatures must be sampled, recorded, reported & viewed daily
Storage area must be connected to an alarm/warning system for power failure & out of limit events

General requirements

Storage area to be connected to a backup power source to ensure uninterrupted power supply
Storage area must be large enough to permit circulation, orderly packaging and rotation of stock
Storage area must be used exclusively for the storage of pharmaceutical products
Storage area must be properly maintained
Storage area must be in the pharmacy or easily accessible by pharmacy staff
Our 4 pillar temperature compliance solution


Wireless sensors & internet gateway installed in your fridge


Alarms, notifications, data storage and daily reporting


Calibration of temperature measuring equipment


Temperature mapping of storage areas & refrigerators

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