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Experience the freedom of paperless, wireless and stressless compliance

Anyone who stores and dispenses medicine has a legal and ethical duty to do it safely, as all

medicines have specific storage requirements. And for good reason. Flu vaccines, for example, have live cultures in them and they need to be kept cool but not frozen, otherwise they become placebos. Even the common headache pill needs to be stored below 25C. 

But medical storage and compliance is complicated and time-consuming. The good news is that PharmaScout has an affordable and no fuss solution for you. 

Gregory Daus, CEO and co-founder of PharmaScout, began designing his own fridges after realising how difficult it was to find affordable and reliable medical storage fridges. The result is bespoke, purpose-built, quality medical dispensing fridges that are functional, practical and reliable. 

Daus says PharmaScout’s equipment and technology has received positive feedback locally and internationally, including from an international pharmacy chain. 

What really impresses people is the seamless and integrated digital aspect that PharmaScout brings to temperature mapping, calibration and compliance. Its fridges are monitored remotely and all information is backed up to the cloud. It’s a paperless, wireless and stressless system, and it totally removes the manual hassle of tracking and monitoring. 

PharmaScout has dedicated itself to removing all technical and financial barriers to becoming fully compliant. That’s why its fridges can be rented out, with compliance included in the package, for less than R1,000 a month.  

With PharmaScout, compliance has never been easier.