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6 ways a PharmaScout fridge makes your clinical practice run smoothly

From temperature control to easy installation and well-designed interiors, PharmaScout fridges are designed with a clinic in mind.

Keeping medications and vaccines to the perfect temperature, consistently, is a crucial part of running a successful clinic. “Yet, each year, storage and handling errors result in revaccination of many patients and significant financial loss due to wasted vaccines,” says the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their vaccine handling toolkit.

Revaccinations can cause patients to doubt the success of vaccines and make medicines ineffective, damaging trust in medical care, and causing significant inconveniences to patients. Says the CDC, “Failure to store and handle vaccines properly can reduce vaccine potency, resulting in inadequate immune responses in patients and poor protection against disease.”

PharmaScout designed our unique temperature-controlled fridges with these pain points in mind: and knowing that clinics and practices need a reliable and safe way to store pharmacological products.

PharmaScout’s Smart Fridge.

Here are 6 reasons why a PharmaScout fridge will keep your practice running smoothly:


The rigorous requirements of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) and WHO guidelines were kept carefully in mind when ScoutTechnologies, the developers behind PharmaScout temperature monitoring and compliance systems, designed our range of bespoke, purpose-built, quality medical dispensing fridges.

The fridges accurately and seamlessly maintain temperature within 2 – 8 °C, thereby ensuring compliance for most vaccines and medical supplies.

Some features that make these fridges uniquely designed for their purpose, compared to domestic fridges:

  • Ozone friendly gases and powerful fans increase airflow, as is ideal for a medical fridge, and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the fridge 
  • Digital controllers allow for pinpoint accuracy
  • The auto defrost function means the fridges are easy to maintain, and won’t require defrosting. 


Beyond the technology, the fridges are also designed to be practically functional and come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any business. Many are designed specifically with busy clinics and doctors in mind. Our fridges have one-of-a-kind pull-out shelves that ensure space is optimally used within the fridge, and allow for easy stock rotation, neat packing and easy use. In addition to this, they have glass doors which allow you to inspect stock without opening the door – and a wireless monitoring system which gives data in real time, and early warnings if the temperature changes or if the door is left open.


With compliance guaranteed, installation of our fridges is easy and painless. Minimal set-up and flawless integration into your clinical space makes PharmaScout fridges a simple addition to your practice. PharmaScout will also install and set up your fridge and monitoring system for you.


With quiet compressors, PharmaScout fridges are near silent and actually designed to reduce noise levels – which is ideal for small offices and clinical practices.


If you’re worried about your products going missing or misplaced, rest assured all of our fridges have secure locks which keep your pharmacological products safe when unattended. This is ideal for small clinics which are not staffed 24 hours a day.


Best of all, we really trust our product. Every fridge comes with a three year warranty, and that can be extended if needed. With this warranty, we guarantee a replacement fridge within 72 hours nationally while your fridge is being repaired.

Overall, there are many ways a PharmaScout fridge makes a clinic run smoothly – and most importantly, it gives peace of mind knowing that your medication is safe, well-stored, and compliant with the law.

PharmaScout fridges are uniquely designed for medical environments where stock needs to be kept compliant and well-refrigerated. Learn more about our refrigerator solution here. 

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