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Don’t let load shedding leave you in the dark about medicine storage

Storing medicines and vaccinations properly is essential not only to ensure they remain effective, but also from an ethical and compliance point-of-view. This means having an accurate temperature mapping system, so you know when your fridges are not maintaining consistent temperatures and you can then take steps to rectify the situation. 

Unfortunately, load shedding and the unpredictable nature of rolling blackouts can throw even the best prepared plans into disarray. If load shedding takes place over a weekend or a holiday period you might not be aware that your fridges haven’t been running properly and your medicines may end up being damaged without you realising it. 

The importance of a reliable monitoring and mapping system that alerts you to temperature inconsistencies can therefore not be underestimated, no matter whether you’re storing medicines in a hospital, a rural clinic, doctors’ rooms, a pharmacy or a veterinary surgery. But installing proper fridges and mapping systems can be a daunting responsibility, particularly with the ever-increasing rules relating to Good Pharmacy Practice and being required to provide reliable and up-to-date evidence of compliance in the case of audits and investigations by the South African Pharmacy Council and other stakeholders. 

This is where PharmaScout can step in and make your life a lot easier and a lot less stressful.

PharmaScout’s bespoke, purpose-built, quality medical dispensing fridges are functional, practical and reliable. They have quiet compressors, so they aren’t noisy, and they have in-built PharmaScout technology for accurate and easy temperature mapping. 

The fridges also have dual fans to increase airflow (which is mandatory for a medical fridge) and to maintain consistent circulation, something domestic fridges can’t do. PharmaScout’s fridges use digital thermostats for pinpoint accuracy, and their auto defrost function means you never have to empty your fridges.

When it comes to calibration and compliance, PharmaScout uses a seamless and integrated digital system, whereby its fridges are monitored remotely and all information is backed up to the cloud. It’s a paperless, wireless and stressless system, and it totally removes the manual hassle of tracking and monitoring.

All PharmaScout’s fridges are tested in ambient temperatures of 35C, which means that even if the power goes off on a hot summer’s day, the fridge will be able to maintain a consistent temperature.

PharmaScout has removed all technical and financial barriers to becoming fully compliant. That’s why our fridges can also be rented out, with compliance included in the package, for less than R1,000 a month. The fridges come with a three-year warranty, and there’s the option of an extended warranty, which guarantees a replacement fridge within 72 hours